GCSE English Results

Posted on Sep 5, 2012

Dear Parents

Broadland High School has a long history of delivering a good education to our students and ensuring that the highest academic achievement is possible for each individual. Our Ofsted inspection in November graded us as a good school and recognised the developmental work that was happening to help us move to outstanding.

We were therefore very shocked and disappointed to receive the GCSE results this summer. These results and particularly our students’ English Language grades, have been unfairly affected by the change in grade boundaries from January to June.  At Broadland we appreciate the need for a rigorous exam system which challenges the students and gives employers and further education establishments a system for selecting the best students and we have earned a reputation for providing a rigorous, academic education that teaches children to be independent learners.

We do however want our students to be judged the same as other individuals so that the same piece of work gets the same grade whether it is assessed in January or June.

The diagram below clearly shows the grades that our students received in English in June: 53.6%. If we had entered the students in January the same marks would have given 27 more students a C grade or better.

We have worked very hard over the past week talking to colleges and schools to ensure students who did not achieve the grade they deserved are given a fair chance to gain a place on their chosen course.Like many other schools across the country, we have submitted details of the impact of this change to the local authority and the Association of School and College Leaders who will be meeting with Ofqual to get try to get a fair result for our young people. We have also submitted a number of requests for remarks to the exam board so that students work is looked at if they are close to the boundaries set.

Broadland has been affected more than other schools in our area as the modular maths results have been lowered and we have a large number of students at the C/D borderline.  Many other schools entered students for January exams or used exam boards which did not significantly change their boundaries so were not affected.

Our year 10 English Language coursework assignments were marked this June and we are pleased to report that they have achieved 73% A*-C, which matches the high standards we expect at Broadland.  We are convinced that this talented year group can do even better in the remaining elements of their course.

I would like to reassure parents that we will continue to do anything within our power to support this particular cohort of students who have been unjustly treated and that our current students are on track to achieve the high standards of academic qualifications which are a hallmark of our school.





Carol Dallas (Headteacher)

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