Black Belt Success for Deputy Head Boy

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

A huge congratulations to our Deputy Head Boy, Christopher Willis, who has recently achieved his black belt in karate. Chris has been training for 5 years with Eastern Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA), a member of Traditional Shotokan Karate UK (TSKUK).

On Sunday 1st November 2015, the TSKUK held the second of this year’s Dan gradings at the UEA Sportspark, Norwich. The grading panel consisted of TSKUK Chief Instructors Sensei Alan Parish 6th Dan & Sensei Jason Hitchings 5th Dan. Alongside TSKUK resident instructors Sensei Nathan Bond 4th Dan, Sensei Carol Parish, Sensei Marites Tomlinson 4th Dan & Sensei Dan Jones 4th Dan.

Hopeful students were tested on their Kihon, 2 Katas (1 of the candidates choosing and 1 of the examiners choosing) and Kumite in front of the panel in order to prove themselves ready for the prestigious level of Black Belt (Shodan).

During his time with the ESKA Chris has also gained the titles of 2nd and 4th National Champion.

Well done Chris!

Deputy Head Boy, Chris Willis

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