The Academy will be closed to the majority of students from 3pm on Friday 20th March. We will be opening to provide childcare for children of designated key workers between 8:30am and 4:00pm from Monday 23rd March.


The best way to contact the academy during this period is via the office email: [email protected] . Please do not contact us to request updates, as we will post updates on this page as and when we have further information.

If you need to contact us by telephone, you can ring 01603 782715 and leave a voicemail. These will be checked twice daily and you will receive a call back within 24 hours.

Student Learning

Students need to follow their normal study schedule during the closure period. This could involve using their Knowledge Organiser (all available here), reading, and using revision guides and checklists at KS4. Guidance on the study schedule and how to use the Knowledge Organisers can be found in the student planner.

In addition, there is work for students to complete during the school day. Each fortnight there is a Google Doc listing the work to complete by year group and subject, and a resource folder with any files needed.

Pack 1 (23rd March – 3rd April)

Pack 2 (20th April – 1st May)

Pack 3 (4th May – 15th May)

Pack 4 (18th May – 5th June)

Pack 5 (8th June – 19th June)

Pack 6 (22nd June – 3rd July)

Students should complete their assessments in the week commencing 22/6/2020, then move on to the work set for the rest of the fortnight.

Pack 7 (6th July – 21st July)

This pack runs to the end of the term.

Other Resources

The Oak National Academy has lessons online for most subjects and year groups.

The BBC home learning service may also be useful. There is content on the website and on iPlayer for all subject areas and year groups. You can find out more here.

Year 11

We now know that Year 11 students will not take exams this summer and will be awarded calculated grades. This provides a real opportunity to start courses in September in a strong position, rather than falling behind.

Subject teachers have therefore put together a booklet with ideas, activities and resources to help students prepare for the post-16 courses they plan to study. You can find the booklet here.

Some teachers have also added work to the “Pack 2” Google Doc where there is content to finish off for the GCSE course, or to support students considering taking the exam in that subject in the autumn.

Finally, as an extension task, students can access some excellent subject-specific lectures through the Gresham College website.