In September 2013 the government introduced a duty on schools to publish a year-by-year document setting out the curriculum students study. At Broadland we decided to make this as useful as possible to parents by including the content to be studied, but also by trying to suggest ways in which families could support their child in each subject.

There is a booklet for each year group, and roughly one page per subject. The booklets can be found here. Teachers in each subject area have been asked to list the skills and tiopics studied, broken into terms if possible, give an indication of the type of homework to be set (short, regular tasks or longer project work) and provide some ways parents can help.

In some cases there are general suggestions for supporting the subject, such as practising times tables in maths; usually you will also find specific ideas for the unit or topic in question. These might be websites you can visit, activities to try together or questions you can ask your child about their work.

Pulling together a document covering the entire school curriculum is not easy, and as the school year progresses sometimes elements of subject planning may change. Therefore, you may find that there are some differences between the detail in this document and what happens in school. Please treat the booklet as a starting point for discussion with your child of their learning in school: if it provokes conversations about what they are doing and how you can help then it has achieved its aim.

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch with me through the school office.

Simon Laycock (Deputy Headteacher)