Extreme Reading for Cluster Schools

Posted on Jul 17, 2012

Forget abseiling, sky diving or white water rafting! This summer young adrenalin junkies will be picking up their books to take part in the Broadland High School “Extreme Reading” Challenge.


Students from the school and the seven cluster primary schools have been challenged to photograph themselves during the summer reading in “extreme” situations – on the top of a mountain, buried in sand, on the deck of a boat – the more exciting the location the better!


The competition, which has been organised by the literacy coordinators at the schools, is part of a bigger, ground-breaking initiative aimed at improving standards of literacy across the cluster.  


Broadland High School’s Literacy Specialist, Jenny Fletcher said the idea is to work closely with feeder primaries to raise the profile of literacy via specific events, by affecting teaching and learning at grass roots level with the sharing of new resources and technologies across the cluster and also support and training for teachers, classroom assistants and parents.


She said: ‘We are very lucky to have full support and cooperation from all the schools in our cluster for this fantastic project.  The Broadland cluster is so dynamic now, and the response so far has been wonderful.  I am sure that our pupils are going to have a really exciting year taking part in some of the events we have planned, but this is also a chance to create a more coherent, thorough approach to literacy that will carry them right through from reception to the end of high school, and ensure that we are all working together to get the best results possible.’


The Summer ‘Extreme Reading’ Challenge is open to all pupils in the Broadland feeder schools and a winner will be chosen from each school.  Winning pupils will be invited to a special celebration at Broadland High School in September when they will be asked to share their pictures, books and experiences. Future events include a ‘Screen Test’ inter-schools competition in January 2013

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