Morris Gleitzman

Posted on Nov 19, 2014

Broadland students meet Morris Gleitzman

On the 14th October, two year 7 English groups had an amazing opportunity to go and see the author Morris Gleitzman.  During English lessons we are reading the book “Once”, which he has written.  Whilst we waited for Morris Gleitzman to arrive at the Jubilee Centre, we were entertained by a brilliant storyteller called Paul Jackson.  He was very interesting and he got some people from each school to go up and dance.  Tayah got picked to go up and dance.

When Morris Gleitzman got there he told us a bit about himself and told us he had travelled from Australia to come and tell us about himself.  He talked about his new books and his football dream.  At the end we got to buy a book and we went up and he signed it for us.


We all enjoyed the trip.  His enthusiasm when he talked really caught our attention.

By Toby Ellett and Paige Riches (Year 7)

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