The Pupil Premium is a funding stream allocated to schools on the basis of how many students are claiming free school meals, are in care or adopted from care, and its aim is to improve attainment for those children. From September 2012 schools have a statutory duty to report on their website how much money is received through the Pupil Premium and how it is spent.

Broadland High Ormiston Academy received £139,218 for the financial year 2017-18 and this has been allocated in a number of ways to support Pupil Premium students, for example:

  • Specialist small group teaching and one to one support in Maths and English;
  • Support for literacy and numeracy programmes e.g. Accelerated Reader;
  • Financial support for educational visits, work placements and transport.

For a full breakdown of the income and expenditure, please click here.

Governors monitor the progress of Pupil Premium students every term and work with the leadership team to evaluate the impact of our approach. In 2015 we were delighted that our successful work with Pupil Premium students was recognised through the Pupil Premium Awards.