We believe that it is important for all our students to maintain a smart appearance in school. We therefore expect all students to adhere to the following dress code. Where you are unsure of the acceptability of a particular item of dress you should seek the advice of the Form Tutor or Head of Year.



Uniform Item  






Additional Information


Blazer KS3 – Green blazer with school badge

KS4 – Black blazer with school badge

  • Only school badges to be worn on blazers e.g. Prefect badge
  • Blazers are to be worn at all times in school and should only be removed with the permission of the teacher
  • Blazers can be removed whilst playing on the hardcourts/field during breaktime and lunchtime, which should be re-worn before leaving that area


KS3 – Green V neck with school badge
KS4 – Black V neck with school badge
  • Should be worn under the blazer
  • Should not be worn instead of the blazer
White Shirt With collar and top button
  • Top button fastened at all times
  • Short sleeved shirts can be worn in the summer
  • Long enough to be tucked in properly
  • Plain (no frills or logos)
Tie Year group striped tie
  • Length of x12 stripes visible
Shoes Plain black sensible shoes
  • Shoes must be polished
  • No coloured logos or edging
  • No trainers, Converse, pumps or canvas shoes
  • No boots (in extreme weather students can wear walking/ wellington boots to and from school)
  • If boots are worn (see above) school shoes should be changed into upon arrival at school (lockers available)
  • No heeled shoes


Suitable and appropriate coat
  • Should not be worn under or in place of the blazer
  • No ‘hoodies’ or non-school jumpers at any time
  • Not to be worn inside the building
Jewellery Watch (Not a Smartwatch)One stud per ear lobe
  • No facial/body piercings
  • No body artistry (includes Henna)
  • No spacers or stretchers or clear retainers in unauthorised piercings
  • No rings or bracelets
Hair Natural hair colour
  • No patterns, extreme styles/colours
  • Hair accessories such as hair clips, alice bands and ‘scrunchies’ must not be brightly coloured
Trousers Black or charcoal grey trousers
(The badged trousers are advised)
  • Straight, bootleg or wide leg trousers only
  • No ‘skinny’ trousers, chinos, canvas or jean materials
  • No visible zips or rivets
  • It is advised that the ‘badged’ trouser is purchased. This can be purchased from Birds of Dereham


Dark plain belt
  • No brightly coloured belts
  • Small buckle with no logos
Socks Dark socks
Skirt Black knee length pleated or straight skirt
(The badged skirt is advised)
  • Skirts must be no more than one hands width above the knee
  • Skirts must not be skinny, tight lycra or made of stretchy material
  • It is advised that the ‘badged’ skirt is purchased. This can be purchased from Birds of Dereham
Tights Plain black or flesh coloured
Makeup and Nails No visible makeup
  • Clear nail varnish only
  • Nails should be of a sensible length
  • No false nails


Physical Education

Boys Girls
Black polo shirt with school logo Black polo shirt with school logo
Black shorts or black sports tights Black shorts or black sports tights
Sports socks for indoors

Black football socks for outdoors

Sports socks for indoors

Black football socks for outdoors

Trainers Trainers
Football boots (needed from Year 8) Football boots (needed from Year 8)
Shin pads for year 8,10/11 Shin pads for year 8,10/11
KS4 – Swimming trunks, towel and swimming hat KS4 – Swimming costume, towel and swimming hat


In addition

  • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional for when the weather is cold)
  • Gum shields are recommended for Years 9, 10/11
  • Black sweatshirt with logo for cold weather
  • BHS green reversible rugby shirt

Ties can be purchased from the Broadland High Ormiston Academy office.All articles of clothing and personal belongings must be clearly named.


Our Uniform Supplier:

Birds of Dereham

Unit D, 13 Yaxham Road


Norfolk NR19 1HB


01362 692941 / 01362 699130

For online purchases please visit www.birdsofdereham.com and for free delivery to the school use the code broadland16

No Excuses

As a school we believe in the highest standards of uniform and collectively take pride in our uniform. We also believe that good personal organisation and time-keeping are crucial life skills and contribute to high quality learning and help with the smooth running of the school. In order to maintain these high standards, we reward students via the termly rewards trips. Consequences are also in place for students who violate the uniform policy, are disorganised with their equipment and/ or are late to lessons/ school.


No excuses debits will be issued for the following appearance violations:

  • Shirts untucked
  • Blazer not on (except for field, hard-courts or due to teacher discretion)
  • Top buttons not done up (tie not done up if top button missing)
  • Coats on inside
  • Hoody/ non-school jumper being worn on site (will also be confiscated and returned at the end of the day/for collection on 2nd occasion)
  • Tie at the incorrect length (12 coloured stripes visible minimum)
  • No tie being worn
  • Any other uniform violation


No excuses debits will also be issued for:

  • Lateness to lessons
  • Failure to bring in the correct equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, planner, calculator, PE kit, D&T food ingredients, school books and school bag).


No Excuses Consequences

1 or 2 3 5 7 10
Form tutor pep talk and warning Tutor Conversation & Note in Planner HoY Conversation   & Note in Planner Stage 3 Detention Stage 4 Detention

Remember, although it’s important you are aware of the consequences, it’s more important that you aim to be smart and take pride in your appearance.