Transition from Year 6 into Year 7


Moving to high school is an exciting but often nerve racking part of a child’s school journey. There is a wealth of educational research highlighting the importance of an effective transition process upon academic progress and future well-being. At Broadland we want all of our students to feel safe, happy, enthusiastic, and engaged with the diversity of learning opportunities provided. As a school we go to great lengths to ensure that this is the case.

Children from 7 local primary schools feed into Broadland High Ormiston Academy. Further information, including maps of our catchment area are available upon request from the school office. Expanding numbers and a growing reputation mean that Broadland High Ormiston Academy is also a popular choice for many students from beyond our catchment area. We often have over 20 schools with students feeding into Year 7, and our reputation means the almost 25 per-cent of cohorts are made up from out of catchment students. We are proud of this, and feel that our transition process is an influencing factor.

Throughout the year we work closely with our primary schools, delivering teambuilding and aspiration sessions to prospective students. These experiences, alongside good communication and sharing of data with our local primaries, ensure that an early positive relationship is built between the students and the school.

The Head of Year visits every pupil transferring to us within Norfolk to discuss the transition process and ease any potential worries. This culminates in three transition events: a day for small cohorts placing a focus on making new friends and experience of the school site, curriculum day led by our computing department, and a full induction day where students experience a typical day at Broadland and meet their new Form Tutor. There is also an information evening for parents, where key members of staff discuss expectations and answer any key questions concerning the transition process.) Certain students are also targeted for the annual summer school programme, held in August each year. All of these events help to ensure that pupils moving to the school are comfortable pastorally, but also challenged academically.

During the first month at Broadland all Year 7 students will participate in a teambuilding day, placing a focus upon making friends and solving problems. Students are introduced to Year 10 listeners, who act as peer support to aid the settling in process and a parents evening (led by students Form Tutors) takes place. Form Tutors will remain with pupils for 5 years; the relationship they build with pupils and parents is extremely important and forms an integral part of our schools settling in process. Pupils will also have the opportunity to take part in the year forums, which are a valuable tool in evaluating the effectiveness of Year 6 transition, and ways to further develop it.

Year 6 into 7 Transition for Children with Special Educational Needs

Transition to high school presents its challenges to all children and their families but more so if a child has special educational needs. As a school our SENCo and her team, work closely with the primary schools in the Broadland cluster to ensure that an individual child’s needs are communicated so that appropriate provision can be planned in a timely way.  If your child is coming to us from outside of cluster (catchment) this is not a problem as we have experience of transitioning children from a wide range and number of different primary schools.

We very much encourage parents to get in touch with our SENCo early in Year 6 to discuss their child’s needs. If your child has a Statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health and Care plan then transition to high school is discussed earlier, in their Year 5 review. Our SENCo  makes every effort to attend these reviews if invited by the primary school, and will then go on to attend the Year 6 review in the same way.

Once contact has been made we can work with you to plan the transition your child needs, this may involve extra visits by us to your child’s primary as well as here to high school. We also hold an extra transition visit on the afternoon of the day prior to school starting in September for our vulnerable new Year 7s as we recognise that for many the worries build over the long six week summer break.