Creative Writing Trip

Posted on Jun 2, 2014
On the 29th April, ten Year 7 students went on a creative writing trip based at the Norwich School and the old Great Hospital. They had a fantastic day where they got to meet the author Paul Dowswell and other creative writing experts from the UEA and the Norwich Writers’ Centre.
The day was based around a World War One photograph, taken before the Battle of the Somme. Students created their own piece of writing, using the picture as a stimulus. Molly Oxbury-Francis and Saskia Steele both had their work read out in front of all the schools in the afternoon as “highly commended” pieces. Molly’s was celebrated as being an ‘original take’ on the task, whereas Saskia’s included ‘beautiful imagery’ and she successfully used the ‘show not tell’ rule.
Fortunately the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy lunch sitting outside on picnic blankets!

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