KS3 Exams

Posted on Apr 15, 2016

Reminder: we are running end of year exams for all year groups to help prepare students for the new-style GCSEs they will sit when they reach year 11. These will take place in the week commencing 25th April and students will be prepared for them in their lessons over the coming weeks.

The exams will require students to recall information from work covered earlier in the year and combine it with more recent units. We hope that this will get them into good study habits early on and help them to develop sound revision skills. Most subjects will use normal lesson times to conduct the exams, which will be under an hour long at KS3, but Maths, English and Science exams will be held in the hall for all year groups to get students used to the experience. Along with other assessment data gathered during the year, the results of the exams will be used to inform setting decisions for the new timetable in June.

Please click here for a copy of the timetable (please note this only covers exams taking place in the hall)