At Broadland High Ormiston Academy we are committed to providing a safe, happy and inspiring learning environment in which all students can grow, develop and flourish. We have high aspirations for every student both in their academic studies and their wider curriculum. Broadland High Ormiston Academy is committed to providing: 

  1. A high-quality learning experience which: 
    • Ensures that all students have high aspirations and the determination and resilience to reach their full potential.
    • Provides every student with high levels of support and challenge to make excellent progress.
    • Enables all students to make informed and responsible decisions about their health and well-being.
    • Expects all students to respect themselves and others, embracing difference and diversity.
    • Ensures every student is a responsible and respectful citizen of both the academy and wider community. 
  1. Excellent communication with parents and carers to provide every student with the care, support and guidance to succeed. 
  2. An active and positive involvement in our community, working with a range of stakeholders to foster excellent community relationships.