Our counselling provision is an important part of the pastoral care we offer to support and promote our students’ emotional wellbeing. Young people can face many challenges as they grow into adulthood and counselling offers a safe and confidential space for students to reflect on situations, explore thoughts and process emotions. Counselling can help to support young people making positive changes in their life.
Our counsellor Charlotte has specialist training in working with children and adolescents. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, a professional body ensuring safe, ethical and competent practice. Charlotte practices an integrative style of counselling and uses a wide variety of therapeutic resources and techniques to suit her client’s needs. She works in The Academy on Tuesday mornings, you can contact her via the school office or directly at: [email protected]

Who can refer?
Student centre/Safe Space.
Form tutors/heads of year.

How do we work together?

If a student is in need of support the pastoral team will work together to identify the best provision, this may be counselling.

Counselling is a voluntary process and those identified as benefitting from this service will have an opportunity to meet Charlotte for an initial session.  There is no set number of sessions, although an initial focus is to work together for six weeks and then review next steps.  When appropriate, students may be referred to an outside agency if more specialist intervention is required.

What are some of the issues, situations young people manage today?

Abuse – physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.
Stresses due to interpersonal relationships and friendships.
Conflictual relationships with parents.
Psychosomatic symptoms.
Eating disorders and problematic eating behaviours.
Self-harm and suicidal ideation.
Psychological and emotional issues.
Cyber trauma (social media sites).
Substance abuse (smoking, prescriptive drugs, illicit drugs).


Sometimes students disclose information that cannot be kept confidential. Safeguarding is a statutory duty within school; any concerns are shared and reported to the safeguarding leads in school.  If the student is in immediate danger then a referral will be made to Children’s Social Care and/or the Police immediately.  Safeguarding procedures are explained to every student at the beginning of their first session and reviewed where necessary.

Useful Websites and Telephone Numbers

www.whatsthedealwith.cok.uk https://www.heysigmund.com/anxiety-children-metaphor-put-shoes-right-beside/
Chat Health Text  Service for Parents: 07520 631590
Chat Health Text Service 11-19 year olds: 07480 635060
Children and Young People’s Health Service: 0300 300 0123
Young Minds 24/6 Crisis Service for Young People Text: YM85258