The academy will strive to remain open in all but the most challenging of circumstances because we recognise the disruption that our closure causes to our community. In very rare circumstances the academy may be forced to close due to very severe weather, usually heavy snow, the loss of heating and hot water or other serious incident. Please be assured that a decision to close is not taken lightly and will be made in the interest of our students and staff’s safety.

In the event of heavy snow, or other serious incident beyond our control that results in the academy closing, the following will happen:

The Principal will determine if the academy is safe to open at or before 7:20am. Announcements will have been placed on the school Twitter feed, local radio stations and on the Norfolk School Closures website. The academy will also use the text message system to notify parents/carers of either full or partial closure. Please DO NOT phone reception to confirm, it is unlikely that we will be able to take or return your call. If you are in doubt, please review any of the sources above that will be constantly updated.

Early Closure
If circumstances during the day mean that the academy has to close early, we will use the text message system to notify parents/carers. The academy will remain open for those students who might be unable to go home; these students will continue to be appropriately supervised. Early closures are extremely rare. Again, announcements to this effect will be made on our social media and the academy website.

Keep up-to-date by checking our Twitter feed, the academy website, Norfolk School Closures website, and/or by listening to the following local radio stations:

Radio Norfolk – 95.1 and 104.1FM
Heart FM – 102.4FM
Radio Norwich – 99.9FM