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Posted on May 20, 2013

Parents’ Forum – Thursday 16th May 2013

The Forum consisted of two parts:

  1. A brief overview of the School Improvement and Development Plan, to outline our key priorities for the next three years. A copy of the presentation is available on the school website.
  2. A discussion around the structure of the pastoral structure, a summary of which can be found below.

The Parents’ Forum was an excellent opportunity to share the vision for an outstanding year group based pastoral system. At the same time it gave us an opportunity to consult on the ‘best bits’ of the current House System, which can then be driven forward by the Heads of Year and Pastoral Team.

Parents were pleased to hear that students would receive greater continuity in their pastoral care as Heads of Year will support the students from year 8 to year 11, but also Form Tutors would stay with their form from year 7 through to year 11. This allows for the formation of strong relationships and a real knowledge of evolving student aspirations and possible career pathways. The efficiency of the Pastoral Team will also be increased as behavioural incidents can be dealt with sharply in a more consistent fashion when one year Head has overall responsibility. Progress will be easier to track for a Head of Year who will only have issues related to one year group rather than five. Intervention will occur more evenly and issues of underperformance will be addressed early on in the student’s life so that they are ready to excel in their GCSEs.

Parents did want the competition element of the House System to remain. It was felt that sporting competition was a major part of life at Broadland High School and that events like Sports Day should continue to grow. Parents also felt that the community feel should not be lost and were keen that older students should be involved in the wellbeing and progress of their younger peers. Overall the change was viewed in a very positive light. Please continue to give us your views on the change and how the system can move from strength to strength.

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