Rackheath and Salhouse bus services

Posted on Sep 8, 2016

For parents and carers of students that travel on the Rackheath and Salhouse bus services.

As a result of recent changes to the Rackheath and Salhouse bus services we have experienced a small number of issues during the first few days back at school. These have mainly centred around the bus on which students are expected to travel to/from school. We are working closely with the bus company and students to resolve this matter quickly.

The bus services are as follows:

911 (single deck) 0757 from Rackheath, Green Lane West (near Sole and Heel) via Green Lane West and A1151
912 (double deck) 0757 from Rackheath, Salhouse Road (near Sole and Heel) via Salhouse Road
913 (coach) 0757 from Rackheath, Salhouse Road (near Sole and Heel) via Salhouse, Thieves Lane and Bell

I will be speaking to all students who travel on these bus services this afternoon and explaining to them the updated travel arrangements. All students will be issued with a sticker to put onto their bus pass that will clearly identify the bus on which they should travel each day (students should not catch an alternative bus). This will be checked by the bus driver on their journey to/ from school as each student boards the bus. The bus company will also be displaying clear signage on each vehicle so as to ensure that all students use the correct bus.

We would ask for your support in ensuring that your child only travels on their allocated bus each day. This will then ensure that all students can get to and from school safely and in good time.

Thank you for your patience and support.