Student World Book Day Report

Posted on Mar 9, 2016

On Monday 29th February around 50 of our students went to St Andrews Hall in Norwich for a book show for World Book Day. We all got £1 book tokens to buy a World Book Day book, or to discount a normal book.

Lots of authors were there and talked to everyone and answered questions about being an author. The show started with The Imagination Seekers, a secret organisation who wore wacky clothes and did wacky things. They were telling us about Roald Dahl; they collected our imaginations with their large nets (literally!) and stored them in jars.

Next up was David Roberts and Julian Clary, illustrator and author of ‘The Bolds’. I recognised Julian because I’m a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan! The book is about a family of hyenas pretending to be human. First Julian Clary told us a little bit about his writing career. David Roberts then showed us how to draw the characters under a visualizer, which we were all very impressed by.

Holly Smale, who wrote the Geek Girl series, then took to the stage. She seemed like such a lovely person, she said she didn’t have many friends at school. I felt like I could really relate to her because even though I do have lots of friends, I agreed with her when she said if you’re feeling sad, she would think about and turn to the characters in her books.

We also met Horrible Histories illustrator, Martin Brown. He talked us through the history of art and drawing.

After the show we had the opportunity to purchase books and get them signed by the authors and illustrators we had seen earlier. We had an amazing day, with lots of advice and inspiration from published authors and illustrators. However, this trip would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the teachers who took us, so a big thank you to Mrs Walker, Mrs Lister and Mrs Wyatt for giving us a great opportunity.

Poppy Middleton, Nicola Cassie and Jessica Errington.