Broadland High Ormiston Academy – Student Voice Team 2019-20 

Our student voice team is a very important group at Broadland High Ormiston Academy as they are the voice of our students. Each year group (Year 7 to Year 11) select two representatives for the academic year to represent them on the student voice team. Blind elections are held each September where students put together a presentation based on their suitability to undertake this important role. These are presented to their respective year group and followed by a vote for the two candidates that they think will best represent the year group.

The student voice team writes an annual development plan that outlines their priorities for the year ahead which is based on the views of the students. The team meets every two weeks during their lunch hour to discuss their progress against the action plan and meet with the Principal every 3 weeks (twice per half-term), to plan and implement their work across the academy. The student voice team priorities for 2019-20 are:

  1. Reviewing the student voice structure and election process
  2. Improving how student views’ are captured and shared
  3. Spread fundraising efforts equally between local, national and international charities
  4. Improving the ‘Eco’ credentials of the academy by reducing plastic waste and improving recycling facilities

Fundraising for the academy as well as local and national charities forms a key part of the student voice work. They organise a range of fundraising events across the year which include non-uniform days, bake sales, Kahoot quizzes etc. The academy supports a range of national charity events such as Children in Need, Genes for Jeans, Comic Relief and Sport Relief.

The Student Voice Team for 2019-20 is:

  • Jay Groom (Year 11)
  • Charlotte Wallace (Year 11)
  • Rachel Carney (Year 10)
  • Carter Nicholls (Year 9)
  • Rose Ottoway (Year 9)
  • Grace Long (Year 8)
  • Isabelle Buck (Year 8)
  • Brendon Mandishona (Year 7)
  • Rebecca Burrows (Year 7)