Year 7 Students Have Stories Published In Upcoming Book

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

A huge congratulations goes out to Hope Owen-McNair and William Darling, Year 7, who have had their stories chosen for publication in “Spine-Chillers – The Graveyard Shift”.

Students at the school recently submitted work for Young Writers’ “Spine-Chillers” mini saga competition. Students were asked to write a story that used atmosphere, tension and suspense, with the added challenge of using 100 words or fewer.

The “Spine-Chillers” series has proven popular with schools and students across the country and a substantial number of entries were submitted.

The school will receive a copy of the novel, as well as the British Library, and other libraries across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

You can read Hope’s winning entry below:

Lucy and Locker 13

“Never open Locker 13”.
I didn’t know why, until I met Lucy. She was my best friend and my undoing. It was a rainy Wednesday morning and me and Lucy were running to get her homework out of her locker…locker 13!
When we reached the locker, Lucy inserted her key and opened the door, then I saw the eyes. Lucy looked at me and grinned.
She said, “It’s over for you!”.
Then I began to change.
You never know, you might be next, so never, ever open locker 13 again and never be friends with Lucy…

Hope Owen-McNair, 12

You can read William’s winning entry below:

The Woods

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who died in the woods. THere were two best friends who were being looked after by Will’s wicked nan. So they decided to go to the woods.
“Have you heard about the little girl?” asked WIll.
“Yes!” yelled Hayden.
THey finally arrived at the woods. The trees stood about 10 feet tall.
“Look, over there in the distance, a little light. Let’s go check it out,” said Will.
As they got closer it started to resemble a little hut. They knocked, but got no answer. The door creaked open, they walked in…

William Darling, 11

Well done Hope and William on getting your work published in a book! We look forward to reading your next stories.