Year 9 Belgium Trip

Posted on Nov 3, 2016

On 12th October 2016, 35 year 9 students visited Belgium and France to study the main sites of the First World War battlefields at the Ypres Salient and the Somme. Below are two students accounts of the trip:

Our Thoughts of the History Trip to Belgium

The trip to Belgium was amazing. All the separate the places we visited whether a memorial, a cemetery or a lunch stop, are all related to the topic. We went to the major places of the battles in the Great War like Vimy Ridge, the Somme, the Ypres Salient and multiple cemeteries, one of which was the biggest in the world. We had a very informative tour guide called Bob who came with us to all the locations and told us all the important information and was great. Every memorial, every white gravestone made you think about the British, the Canadians, the French, the Belgians and even the Germans who sacrificed their lives for our future, and that’s what the trip was to me.

Written by Leo Gordon

I was one of 35 students who went on the amazing, fun and inspirational trip to Ypres, Belgium. We visited many World War I locations, each providing different stories and aspects of the war; my favourite was the final place, the Canadian Vimy Ridge War Memorial, and I enjoyed this because it really showed how the war impacted many people, due to its size and meaningful presentation.

Our tour guide, Bob, told us all about every place we went to and answered any of our questions (and there were quite a few!). We visited a whole range of different places, from real-life trenches, to where the Christmas truce took place, to two war services, the Battle of the Somme front line, and many, many more, recognising not only those who died, but also those who came home.  I really enjoyed visiting the site of the truce, even though it was only symbolised by a wooden cross, but nevertheless I found that this made it more meaningful.

In addition, I also really loved visiting the patisserie (where I ate a delicious cream éclair) and the Belgian chocolate shop!

Overall, I am so glad that I went on this trip, and I would do it again given the chance to, so thank you to Mr Wicks, Mr Shreeve, Miss Leared and others that made this trip as good as it was.

Written by Amelia Dixon